Choc-alert for pets at Easter

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As another chocolate-fuelled Easter approaches, vets warn pet owners to keep the sugary snacks away from their beloved cats and dogs.

Treendale Pet Medical vet nurse Narelle Pollard said animals could become seriously ill or even die from digesting chocolate, which was intended for humans and not animals.

“Chocolate is very toxic for dogs as well as cats, there is an ingredient in chocolate which will poison them,” she said.

Mrs Pollard said the poisonous ingredient in chocolate was theobromine and it could cause serious side effects.

They can include vomiting, diarrhoea, drooling and tremors. If the dogs are not brought into the vet, seizures, heart failure and death could also be on the cards for the furry friends. “It is important for pet owners to tie up their dogs during Easter egg hunts so that they don’t beat the kids to the chocolate,” she said.

She also said pet owners should count how many Easter eggs they put out, so none are left behind for dogs to find afterwards.

Mrs Pollard said the size of the animal and the dosage of chocolate determined how sick a dog would get.

“No chocolate is recommended, but if a great dane managed to eat a small square it probably would not do much damage,” she said.

Mrs Pollard said the team usually has a few cases of dogs who have been sick from eating chocolate every Easter.

“The sooner you bring your dog in, the greater the chance we have of saving it,” she said.

“It is vital that you call your vet and let them know how much chocolate you believe your dog has eaten.”

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