Footy a family affair for HBL twins

Briana FioreHarvey-Waroona Reporter
Harvey-Brunswick-Leschenault twins Lauren and Emily Reilly before a football match last season.
Camera IconHarvey-Brunswick-Leschenault twins Lauren and Emily Reilly before a football match last season. Credit: Supplied.

The Harvey-Brunswick-Leschenault women’s football team has two players who are hoping to tear up the field again this season, once country footy is given the green light to go ahead.

The Reilly twins Lauren and Emily play for HBL and say they love the game, the social aspect and culture at the club.

The duo said playing on-field with a twin, or any sibling, could “definitely have its advantages”.

“We aren’t telepathic as such, but we know each other’s strengths and that comes in handy in the game,” Emily said.

“It is so fun to have a sibling playing with you and knowing they will have your back.”

Emily started playing in 2018 and said her boyfriend Jonathon Sabourne played for the HBL league team.

“I always wanted to play football and thought I might as well sign up for the girls side.”

Lauren used to run water for the girls side, but has decided to throw on a guernsey and try her luck in the game after her sister’s persuasion.

“After months and months of convincing Lauren to join the team, she finally stuck up her hand and said she would give it a go,” Emily said. Although, Lauren admitted that her sister may be a better footballer — for now.

“Experience is a big thing in football,” Lauren said.

“Many of the girls who started playing from the introduction of women’s footy, generally have a better skill set.

“Emily has more experience so that makes her a better player.”

Lauren is a defensive player, while Emily performs best in attack. They said the club culture was healthy and the atmosphere was electric.

“The HBL club is amazing, it is our second home and the people there are our second family,” Lauren said.

“We think everyone from HBL can agree that we have the best time and the atmosphere and support really stands out.”

They said the club is run by a committed team of volunteers.

“We look up to everyone who lends a hand to help our club run and stay afloat,” Emily said.

“Without them, we would not have a club and it’s really important to acknowledge that.”

The twins said they loved the ladies in the canteen who supplied them with the goods they needed to get through a game.

“They inspire us every game, they love the club and are the best cheer squad,” Emily said.

The strong club culture and available support may have helped drive the men’s league team to a premiership last year.

The men trained well during pre-season and were looking strong ahead of round one, which unfortunately could not go ahead due to the coronavirus concerns.

The Reilly twins said they were disappointed when they heard the news.

“We are sure all the players took it hard, but it is for the best, we worked hard all pre-season, but once footy returns we will be ready to get back out there and give it a crack.”

Lauren and Emily said other women who are thinking about playing football should have a go.

“We were in your position and once we had a go, we didn’t look back.”

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