Beef farmer Mike Walmsley gets creative with his hay masterpiece.

Hay there Waroona!

Main Image: Beef farmer Mike Walmsley gets creative with his hay masterpiece.

Briana FioreHarvey-Waroona Reporter

A giant teddy bear created from hay has come to life in the heart of Waroona, thanks to the efforts of a generous farmer hoping to spread cheer in what he described as a really tough year.

Although reluctant to pose with his creation, Waroona shire president and humble farmer Mike Walmsley was the artist behind the hay masterpiece on South Western Highway.

He said he just wanted to give people a reason to smile after such a challenging year.

“We have had a bad run this year and there has been a lot of event cancellations such as the Lions Christmas Gala,” Cr Walmsley said.

“This is just something to make people happy.

“There are cars lining up to take pictures so hopefully people like it.”

It took Cr Walmsley and his wife Donna 1.5 hours to complete. He said he saw the design online, but added shoulders made from square bales to make the teddy more realistic.

However, the bear, nicknamed Ted, was the victim of vandalism just days after being made.

“I wasn’t in town, but luckily some local farmers swung by and put him back together again,” he said.

“I was told the kids were not impressed.”

Cr Walmsley said it had been a great hay season so far and more hay bale creations could pop up around town soon.