ATAR results start rolling out Monday morning for nervous students

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Students from all around Australia are feeling the nerves as they wait to find out their ATAR scores.

Victorian students are first cab off the rank on Monday, followed by Tasmania on Wednesday, the ACT and NSW students who will get their results Thursday.

Queensland students will have their results drop on Friday.

The rest of the country, so students in Western and South Australia and the Northern Territory, will get their results the following Monday, December 18.

After 13 years of schooling it is the start of a new chapter for students and the number they receive when they get their results may play a role in how their new chapter is written.

It is an anxious and exciting time for students, and football fans, as one student waiting for their results Charlotte put it on Twitter.

“Arsenal vs. Chelsea and ATAR results within 8 hours of each other, I’m not sure I can cope,” she said.

Lorelei simply posted: “ATAR comes out on Friday, I’m scared”.

Many students with their eye on going to university in coming years will have a certain score they hope to achieve so they receive an offer from their university and course of choice.

Speaking with the Guardian, La Trobe University senior lecturer Kylie Murphy said students have every right to be feeling anxious right now.

“It’s a significant milestone for students and their parents,” she said.

“Life will be very different from now on, often with less certainty than you had, going to school every day, be gentle with yourself as you make the transition.”

The results for students also come at a time when many believe an ATAR is of middling importance when it comes to defining one’s future.

Ms Murphy stated that for many, riding their ATAR score straight into university isn’t the best move anyway and if you miss the score you want, or need, there are often alternate routes to get you to where you want to go.

“Sometimes it’s better to do other things, such as work, TAFE, degree pathway courses, volunteering and start a university degree later,” she said.

Ms Murphy said students can lessen that anxiety by researching those alternate routes before the results are even dropped.

“It’s wise to develop a contingency plan,” she said.

“Contact universities about possible pathways to the course you ultimately want to do. Research your options and write down various possible next steps.

“This will help to reassure you that, whatever your ATAR is when published, it’ll be OK.”

Originally published as ATAR results start rolling out Monday morning for nervous students

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