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Matthew Rose thanks the Brunswick community for helping him find his lost bird.
Camera IconMatthew Rose thanks the Brunswick community for helping him find his lost bird.

An appreciative man has reached out to thank the Brunswick community for helping him find his beloved pet bird earlier this month.

Matthew Rose was sitting outside with his pink and grey galah, Sammy, when it flew over the fence and out of sight.

Sammy had quite the day out, visiting many nearby houses and even the Brunswick Bakery, where it managed to scab a hot dog.

“I was about to clip Sammy’s wings when he was spooked by a chicken and flew away,” Mr Rose said. “It is quite distressing to lose a pet, whether that is a cat, dog or bird, because they are often a part of the family.

“Sammy is a very friendly bird, he was hand-raised and he loves people so it is easy to tell him apart from the wild galahs.”

The adventurous bird was then spotted at the railway station before making its way to another Brunswick resident’s house.

“The person knew straight away that Sammy was a pet and reached out to see if anyone was missing a bird,” Mr Rose said.

“Another resident knew I had a pet bird and went and put Sammy in a cage for me.”

Mr Rose said he was grateful for the community’s help.

“People in small towns are great, they are constantly going out of their way to help out,” he said.

“That is why I love living in Brunswick.”

Mr Rose said Sammy was a very intelligent bird.

He mimics phone calls and can say many words and phrases.

“He will listen to me when I am on the phone and then spit out what he hears,” Mr Rose said.

“He is quite a character and he is a little bit cheeky, but I’d be lost without him.”

However, this was not Sammy’s first escape.

The mischievous bird has now escaped three times from the Brunswick residence.

Mr Rose said he would be keeping Sammy inside from now on so that he did not fly away again.

“I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on him,” he said.

Mr Rose said his love of birds came from his grandmother, who also had an 80-year-old pet galah.

“The birds can live for seven or eight decades, they are really hardy,” he said.

Mr Rose said birds were great pets as they were low maintenance.

“Sammy is really great with kids,” he said.

“He often plays hide and seek with them and they love dressing him up.”

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