Fear grips region’s farmers

Sam GibbsHarvey-Waroona Reporter
The clash between a farmer and vegan activists in Harvey.
Camera IconThe clash between a farmer and vegan activists in Harvey. Credit: 7NEWS

The Brunswick resident behind a public meeting to defend farmers’ rights has supported a Harvey man who had an altercation with activists on his property last week.

Harvey farmer Jason Parravicini fired two shots from his shotgun after a violent confrontation with two vegan activists who arrived unannounced at his property and began filming calves.

Sue Palermo had her address falsely named as a commercial horse business on the animal activist website Aussie Farms Inc. and said the incident absolutely reaffirmed her fears.

“In a matter of weeks I’ve gone from a typical country person that helps everyone to someone who is watching every car drive past my property,” Mrs Palermo said.

“To me that’s really sad, I think every farmer has now got the same outlook ... it’s a very sad state of affairs.”

Ms Palermo said she did not believe the situation was going to get any better and compared the activists’ tactics to “terrorism”.

“It’s not transparency, it’s a violation of privacy,” she said.

“I’m not a super paranoid person, I know how I feel about the security of my family and property – I don’t know about someone else who is facing their livelihood threatened.

“A lot of farmers are feeling the same, I’ve been getting phone calls since the incident saying ‘we’re really scared’ and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Mrs Palermo said she only knew of Mr Parravicini through mutual friends but she understood how he must be feeling.

“It’s an awful feeling and I’m 100 per cent with Jason of what he’s done because I know how I feel and all that’s happened to me is my details put up online,” she said.

“We wouldn’t get their address and sit on the street outside their house and film them because I’m 100 per cent certain police would be called and tell us to move along, there’s no difference.”

Police confirmed there was an altercation between a 24-year-old man in a car and the 40-year-old property owner.

Harvey police have interviewed Mr Parravicini and no charges have been laid.

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