Shire of Harvey ‘leading the way in WA’ by approving 30 per cent by 2030 electric vehicle target

Craig DuncanHarvey-Waroona Reporter
The shire of Harvey plan to increase the number of chargers for electric vehicles.
Camera IconThe shire of Harvey plan to increase the number of chargers for electric vehicles. Credit: Craig Duncan

The Shire of Harvey has set out to “lead the way in WA” by approving a target to have 30 per cent of their vehicle fleet be fully electric by 2030.

Councilors voted 9-2 in favour of the target just a month after Cr Craig Carbone moved that the shire should investigate the change.

He told last month’s meeting that electric vehicles were the “way it’s going”, and the shire could “lead the way in WA.”

“I think it’s only fair, that as a local government — and as this is the policy of the Federal and State governments — we proceed down this path,” Cr Carbone said.

“There’s deadlines being put in place now . . . this is the way it’s going, so why sit on our hands?”

Cr Robyn Coleman argued against the target, claiming hybrid vehicles were a better option for the council to adopt.

As part of the shire’s climate change declaration and corporate mitigation action plan, it already owns four hybrid vehicles.

Cr Coleman said the hybrid model was the way to go at this point in time.

“The increasing uptake of electric vehicles will require adequate charging infrastructure and increased electricity grid capacity,” Cr Coleman said.

Cr Coleman also questioned how the council would charge the vehicles and who would pay for the electricity costs. Are the ratepayers expected to pay for the electricity costs to charge cars overnight, every night and on weekends?

“It’s not a hard ask to retain hybrid cars in the near future and reassess on a regular basis, by the time we will have more charging stations and a firm policy on how the vehicles are to be paid for when charging up for personal use,” Cr Coleman said.

Cr Carbone defended the target saying the concerns were just “white noise”.

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Camera IconShire of Harvey approved plans for a 30 per cent electric fleet by 2030. Credit: andreas160578/Pixabay

“There’s been plenty of costings done, with regards to charging, where there have been savings made,” Cr Carbone said.

“Whether the grid can be powered or not, that’s a State issue, not a local issue.”

The officer’s report that was considered by the council predicts that transitioning to electric vehicles would save the shire approximately $3000 a year and the transition would prevent up to 155 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted each year, aiding the shire in its target to achieve net zero by 2050.

The motion was won 9-2, with only Cr Coleman and Cr Joe Capogreco voting against.

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